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Being a teacher at Grow Academy Shafter
is so much more than a job — it’s a calling.

Grow Public Schools is fully committed to increasing the racial, ethnic, and linguistic diversity of its teacher workforce to ensure our educators reflect the communities we serve. To those who answer that call, it’s an opportunity to teach, grow, and succeed in an environment that honors an entrepreneurial spirit, an inquisitive mind, and a passion for embracing new approaches to students’ success.

What it means to be a teacher at Grow Public Schools

They thrive in a culture of collaboration with a passion and standard for excellence and a certainty that every child can succeed.

Within a blended learning model, they innovate in the classroom to individualize learning for all students.

They grow professionally and personally through individual coaching and more than 260 hours of professional development each year.

They become our school leaders through leadership development opportunities that are aligned with our strategies for growth.

Recruitment Events

We’re actively recruiting elementary and middle school teachers for the 2022-23

school year.

We hold open houses, job fairs and info sessions throughout the year for you to learn more about the many Grow Public

Schools opportunities!

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